Sunny Hill Releases Comeback MV “Goodbye To Romance”



Sunny Hill makes their comeback this week with their new mini album “Antique Romance” and their title track “Goodbye To Romance.”

Created by lyric writer Kim Eana and computer Lee Min Soo, “Goodbye To Romance” is a song with a warm feeling. It features a beautiful piano melody that goes along with their vocals. The song’s concept is based on the thought “What would my first love be doing now?”

Their agency said, “It has beautiful melody lines that remind people of their old lovers and it will make people think about the anxious feelings they had for them. Once the listeners hear ‘Goodbye To Romance’, they will be able to feel as though they are at a very cozy place.”

The music video features very creative set and camera usage as it seems like it was all done in one recording take, despite showing many different rooms.

Sunny Hill is currently promoting as a four member female group as the one male member, Janghyun, began serving his military duties early this year.

Ahead of their comeback, they have also revealed their “Coming Soon Interview” (CSI). Watch it with English subtitles below. While the group has previously gained popularity for satire and social issues in their songs, “Goodbye To Romance” focuses on the emotions that many people feel. The members also talk about their own experiences with their first love.


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A Pink and BEAST Look Adorable Together at “Skool Looks” Photoshoot



Groups APink and BEAST have united to create a pictorial for the school uniform brand “Skool Looks.” On December 14, behind the scene photos of this photoshoot were released. In the pictures, BEAST and A Pink members appear to be having fun working with each other.

What caught the fans’ attention the most was the way Jung Eun Ji and Lee Ki Kwang worked together. In one photo, they appeared to be studying closely together. Jung Eun Ji has recently shown her acting skill by appearing on tvN’s “Reply 1997” as the love interest of singer Seo In Gook.

According to the staffs at this photoshoot, BEAST’s and A Pink’s members worked well together and showed off many couple-like poses.

Meanwhile, the 2013 pictorial for “Skool Looks” is now available on the brand’s official website.





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Sunny Hill Performs “Goodbye To Romance” for Music Core Comeback


After releasing their music video few days ago, Sunny Hill made their first comeback performance of “Goodbye To Romance” tonight on Music Core. The song is the title track to their new mini album “Antique Romance.”

Created by lyric writer Kim Eana and computer Lee Min Soo, “Goodbye To Romance” is a song with a warm feeling. It features a beautiful piano melody that goes along with their vocals. The song’s concept is based on the thought “What would my first love be doing now?”

Kara’s Seungyeon Makes Her Solo Debut Performance on Music Core with “Guilty”








After revealing all their solo music videos two weeks ago from their “Solo Collection” album, the members of Kara are now finally beginning to promote their songs on their own. Han Seungyeon is the first member to have a solo stage as she performed her pop-rock track “Guilty” tonight on Music Core.

“Solo Collection” was released in Korea on December 4 while the Japanese version was previously released in September. Created by Sweet Tune, each of the members also worked on the lyrics of their own songs and also used their own ideas for the music videos.

Maknae Kang Jiyoung will have her solo debut tomorrow on Inkigayo with her song “Wanna Do.”


Ailee Performs “Evening Sky” on Music Core



Ailee continues promotions of her ballad track “Evening Sky” this week and performed on Music Core tonight.

As last week’s episode of Music Core featured the K-Pop Festival in Vietnam, today is her first time performing “Evening Sky” on Music Core.

It’s was revealed that this round of promotions with “Evening Sky” is her way of giving thanks for all the fans love and support. This song is a refreshing and lyrical ballad with an addictive melody. It focuses on the girl who can’t forget about her love even after the breakup.

Yesterday, she revealed her teaser for her special Christmas track “My Grown Up Christmas List” (Christmas Wish). Ailee also won the rookie award yesterday at the 2012 Melon Music awards.





Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica has recently displayed two different charms.

Jessica, who is currently the muse for cosmetics brand Banila Co, has posed for a winter collection advertisement on December 1.

Banila Co’s winter collection consists of products with the theme, “It’s Friday Night” and Jessica models the eye make up in the recent photos and displays a lovable and chic image.

In one photo, Jessica dazzles with white skin and pink lipstick and portrays an innocent yet alluring charm. In another photo, Jessica has thick eye makeup with a colorful outfit to perfectly pull off that stylish and chic look.

It is reported that staff members were impressed by Jessica’s ability to pull off these different looks.
Netizens who came across these photos commented, “She looks classy and beautiful,” “She is so pretty. She looks like a high class goddess,” and more.




Awesome news to Girls’ Generation fans! Even though it was reported earlier in the year that the girl group will make a comeback in November (last month), their album was unfortunately delayed. However, it’s been recently announced that they will make a comeback in January with a full length album.

A legitimate source within the music industry shared with StarNews, “Girls’ Generation worked on their Korean album while they were busy promoting their Japanese album. There’s a good chance that their full album will be dropped early in January.”

Many industry insiders are anticipating how Girls’ Generation will impact the local and foreign music markets coming out right after ‘Gangnam Style‘ storm is slowly starting to subside. Some are wondering whether they can take advantage of PSY’s progress especially in the European and American markets and even break his records.

A representative from SM Entertainment commented about the album, “The title track has already been decided and the full album is pretty much finished. The final comeback date is being ironed out. As for album distribution overseas, it’s still too early to talk about that.”

Meanwhile, the girls are currently promoting their Japanese album “Girls & Peace.”

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Sunny, the resident energy pill of Girls’ Generation, shared with the fans 6 adorable pictures of her doing what she does best: aegyo!

On December 13, her 6 aegyo combo set was posted on Girls’ Generation’s official homepage with the message “It’s been a long time since Kyu-renda~! Everyone’s going to come and watch the new Brenda, right?” Their official facebook page included a caption in English for their foreign fans, “Sunny will be playing a role of ‘Brenda’ in the musical ‘Catch Me if You Can.’”

The 6 pictures show Sunny making different poses using “Catch Me If You Can” posters as props. Her aegyo is intensified with her cute pink ribbon and her cute dresses.

Sunny is currently performing in the musical “Catch Me If You Can” as Brenda. The musical is from December 14 to February 9 at Seongnam Art Center Opera House. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and SHINee’s Key are also participating in the musical.




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